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  • Vibration Analysis with Certification

    Vibration Analysis with Certification

    Vibration Analysis Certification confirming with ISO 18436-2: Certification is very important as it shows your employer (or client) and your peers that you meet the requirements to perform the difficult task of vibration analysis. We offer certification that follows ISO and ASNT standards via BINDT and Mobius

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  • Vibration Cat I, II, III - Public & Onsite Courses

    Vibration Cat I, II, III - Public & Onsite Courses

    Our instructors have all been trained on the advanced Mobius method, and they all have years of training and practical field experience. But what makes us unique is our...

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  • Vibration Cat III 2017

    Vibration Cat III 2017

    Category III Vibration Course....... Monday 22nd May until Friday 26th May 2017 or Monday 20th November until Friday 24th November 2017 Contact RMS for info

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  • Vibration Cat IV - 2017

    Vibration Cat IV - 2017

    Worldwide Cat IV Courses throughout 2017. Contact RMS Info

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  • RMS Wall Charts & Pocket Books

    RMS Wall Charts & Pocket Books

    RMS Reliability Training Institute offers a wide range of training products to make the whole learning experience much more streamlined and enjoyable for students

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  • Mobius Accredited Courses

    Mobius Accredited Courses

    RMS Training Institute offers Vibration Analysis Training accredited by Mobius Training Institute

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Vibration Cat IV - 2017

Monday 27th March till Friday 31st March 2017 
Where: Roodepoort, Gauteng, South Africa

Monday 29th May till Friday 2nd June 2017 
Where: Therme Erding, Bavaria, Germany

Sunday 1st October till Thursday 5th October 2017 
Where: Dubai

Monday 2nd October till Friday 6th October 2017 
Where: Bucaramanga, Colombia

Monday 30th October till Friday 3rd Novemeber 2017 
Where: Orlando, Florida, United States

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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You are qualified to lead condition monitoring teams and will have a deep understanding of machine dynamics and failure modes.  With your knowledge and qualifications you are able to design tests to solve difficult problems and identify underlying issues to prevent reoccurrence. There are no rotating machines problems too difficult to solve. You will carry the highest regard in the field of machine condition monitoring. But be warned; everyone will be seeking your assessment of their machine problems!

Mobius Institute's MASTER Vibration Analyst course teaches you advanced measurement signal processing techniques, including torsional vibration and cross-channel measurements, dynamics including mass/stiffness/damping and natural frequencies, modal analysis and operating deflection shapes, orbit and centerline analysis, rotor dynamics, correction techniques including isolation, damping, and tuned absorbers, and other advanced topics.

In accordance with International Organization for Standardization (www.iso.org), ISO 18436-2 standard, the course requires a minimum of 64 hours of training, which normally requires two or three trips to a remote classroom location.

Mobius has implemented the first half (Part 1) of the CAT-IV training through its highly successful distance learning format via the Internet.  In this format, Mobius expert trainers provide on-screen instruction using professional materials, 3D animations, and sophisticated software simulators to teach the lessons. 

The second session (Part 2) of the training is held in the traditional live-classroom format where students learn with their peers.  At the end of the week’s training, the optional Category IV examination is offered. 

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Mobius Training at RMS Training Institute


RMS is an Accredited Training Organisation (ATO) and Approved Examination Centre (ATC) for British Institute of NDT

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